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The REALTORS® Land Institute confers the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation only to its members who meet the rigorous knowledge and experience requirements. The ALC designation is recognized throughout the industry as the pinnacle of achievement for land real estate professionals. RLI provides the education, tools, services, expertise and networking opportunities that are the foundation for all land professionals to become the best in the business—to become an Accredited Land Consultant.

The ALC designation education program requirement is the completion of 104 course hours, 56 hours of which are required and the remaining 48 hours in electives.

The required courses are:  Land 101- Fundamental of Land Brokerage (16 hrs.), Land Investment Analysis (24 hrs.) and Tax Deferred 1031 Exchanges   (16 hrs.)

Courses can be taken in classroom settings, online and through hybrid programs.  Additional information about the ALC designation, a schedule of upcoming classes, the ALC requirements or to see if you qualify to take the "Fast Track" to the designation, visit www.rliland.com

  Bob Bole, ALC               Ted Harvey, ALC
  Ivan Judd, ALC              J.R. Larsen, ALC           
  J.R. Kvenild, ALC           Blair Newman, ALC        
  Robert Pfister, ALC        Charlie Powers, ALC          
  Tim Rogers, ALC           Chuck Simon, ALC 
  Craig Wetterlund, ALC                                                                

REALTORS® Land Institute Education

The REALTORS® Land Institute offers a full schedule of courses yearly, classroom, hybrid and on-line.  Additionally, LandU Week is held annually in June and offers the opportunity to take up to six  ALC-required courses and/or electives courses in person. 

Save the Date: 2019 LANDU Education Week

The 2019 LANDU Education Week will be held June 2-11, 2019, in Denver, CO . All three ALC-required courses will be held as well as three elective courses, providing attendees the opportunity to complete all of the education requirements towards the ALC Designation.