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February 12, Membership Meeting at Little America in Cheyenne.
Linda Cope, Habitat Protection Terrestrial Biologist with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department was our guest speaker at the meeting.  She has over 25 years of experience in the field of Natural Resources and Wildlife Biology.  Currently, in Habitat Protection she focus’ her efforts as a policy advisor for wildlife values within in the Department. She coordinates with her work unit, local, state, and federal agencies to inform and reduce the impacts of anthropogenic development on Wyoming wildlife.

Linda shared great information and resources with us.

Wyoming Sage-Grouse Core Areas v. 4

Natural Resource and Energy Explorer (NREX) - An online map application for a "first look" at Wyoming's natural, cultural, wildlife, socioeconomic, and infrastructural resources for development planning.  Public access to credible geographic data and information.  A wide variety of geospatial data in one place.


"Industrial Hemp - Impacts to Real Estate"  This course summarizes the history of cannabis use, prohibition, and legalization and examines in detail the impacts to property brokerage, disclosure, opportunities, and pitfalls of industrial hemp for all types of real estate and property management.  

Approved for 4 hours of Wyoming CE Credit

Attendees at the February 21st class in Cheyenne had this to say:

-Awesome class, so educational.
-Excellent class and instructor.
-This class was highly informative and I would love to see more.   Great instructor
-Let’s take this show on the Wyoming roads!
-One of the best classes I’ve attended.  Very informative.
-This is most informative class I have ever attended and interesting.
-Subject needs this exposure

Course descriptions  on
Education Information page.

The Wyoming Chapter is planning their Education calendar for 2018!

If you are interested in more information about the Wyoming Water Rights 101 & 102 and Water Right Searches classes or about holding classes at your local association, contact Maggie at wyorli@wyoming4land.com.